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All you need to know about: Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District, Togo, Atlantic, City, Akan, Upper, East, West, River, Sea, Yoruba, Nigeria, Benin, etc.... EweGhana

All you need to know about: Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District

Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District, Togo, Atlantic, City, Akan, Upper, East, West, River, Sea, Yoruba, Nigeria, Benin, etc.... EweGhana - www.EweGhana.Net
Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District, Togo, Atlantic, City, Akan, Upper, East, West, River, Sea, Yoruba, Nigeria, Benin, etc.... EweGhana - www.EweGhana.Net

Hohoe Municipality In Volta Region Of Ghana
Hohoe Municipal is one of the 25 administrative districts of the Volta Region of Ghana. It was carved out of the former Kpando District. It was established by the Legislative Instrument of 2012. The Municipality has a total land area of 1,172 km², which is 5.6 per cent of the land area of the region.

Elevation: 163 m
Region: Volta Region
Population: 56,202 (2012)
District: Hohoe Municipal District

Which region is Hohoe in?

Volta Region

The Hohoe Municipal is one of the 261 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 18 of Municipalities and Districts in the Volta Region.

Which ethnic group is Hohoe?

Ewe group

The ethnic composition of Hohoe is comprised mainly of the Ewe group. However, there are the Dagombas, other Guan ethnic groups such as the Likpe and the Lolobi, and few Ga-Adangme and Akan-speaking groups.

What is Hohoe known for?

Hohoe is a town in the mountainous Hohoe Municipality of the Volta Region of Ghana, with its beautiful climate and many tourist attractions like the Wli Waterfalls. It is between Lake Volta and the border of Togo.

Pictures Of Lake Volta
How many towns are in Volta Region?
There are 34 urban localities in the region. Keta town (Keta) has been identified as a “dying” town which has declined at the rate of 1.9 per cent per annum over the past 30 years.

Which district is alavanyo under?

Alavanyo Kpeme is a village in the Hohoe District of the Volta Region of Ghana.

What is the ethnic group of Volta Region?

Demographics. The native and largest ethnic group of the Volta Region (Togoland / British Togoland) are the Ewe people (68.5% of the population). They consist of several sub groups such as the Anlo Ewe, Tongu Ewe, Wedome and Avenor Ewe.

What is Volta Region known for?

The Volta Region is renowned for its bright festivals and loud ceremonies. The people of Wli hold a unique festival to give thanks for the gift of water, whiles the Anlos people put on the illustrious Hogbetsotso festival ( the name is derived from the Ewe language and translates as 'festival of Exodus').

Why is Volta Region called Number 9?


Monica Amekoafia (30 June 1934 – 24 June 1990) was a Ghanaian and the winner of the first edition of the Miss Ghana contest in 1957 while representing the Trans-Volta Togoland. She was contestant Number 9. It was from her number that people from the Volta Region are called Number 9.

Who is the MCE for Hohoe?
Hohoe Municipal District

• Municipal Chief Executive Dr. Margaret Kweku

• Total 357.8 km2 (138.1 sq mi)
Population (2021)

Is Akpafu part of OTI region?

Akpafu-Todzi is a village in the Akpafu traditional area of the Jasikan Municipality District in the Oti Region of Ghana.

Who is the richest man in Volta Region?


Togbe Afede XIV

Born James Akpo 23 April 1957
Volta Region, Dominion of Ghana

Father Cpl. Patrick Akpo

Mother Madam Rose Anyawoe

Occupation Investment Banker

Is there a sea in Volta Region?

The beaches of the Volta estuary are amongst the best in Ghana. Swimming is popular in some areas, although the sea is generally rough along the Atlantic coast.

Does Volta Region have sea?

The beaches of the Volta estuary are amongst the best in Ghana. Swimming is popular in some areas, although the sea is generally rough along the Atlantic coast. New hotels are providing facilities for watersports and deep sea fishing.

Who is the MP for Afadjato South?

Afadjato South
Created 2012
Party National Democratic Congress
MP Angela Alorwu-Tay

Which district is Leklebi?

Afadzato South District
The Afadzato South District operates with six Sub-districts (Area Councils) namely Have/Nyagbo, Logba-Tafi, Weto, Leklebi, Ve and Liati Area Councils.

Read Some Facts.

Area Council Population
Leklebi 14,029
Ve 17,697
Liati 9,376
Total Population @ 2010 Population & Housing Census 95,030

Where does Volta Region start from?


The Volta Region is located at 3o 45' latitude N and 8o 45' longitude N; it covers a total land area of 20572 km2 and stretches from the coast of Gulf Guinea running through all the vegetational zones found in the country.

Where did the Ga tribe migrated from?

According to some legends Ga people migrated from Nigeria, others that they were part of Israel that migrated southward through present day Uganda, then along the CongoRiver, westward through Cameroons, Nigeria, Benin, Togo and finally to Greater Accra.

What are the 5 major ethnic groups in Ghana?

According to an article by professor D.E.K. The major ethnic groups in Ghana include the Akan, Ewe, Mole-Dagbane, Guan, and Ga-Adangbe.

The Ga-Adangbe are organized into clans based on patrilineal descent. These shared attributes were among the variables that contributed to state formation in the precolonial period.

Do we have gold in Volta Region?

The Volta Region and the Volta Basin are a treasure-trove of vari- ous important minerals and other natural resources, including gold, diamonds, copper, lead, iron ore, and oil and gas. ... It is also a nature-loving tourist's haven.

What language do Volta speak?

According to Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Sekpele (identified as 53 on the map of Ghana) is one of the numerous languages spoken in the Volta Region of Ghana (1992, 264). The language is spoken north of Hohoe in southeastern Ghana by a group called Likpe (Mu) (ibid., 270).1 Apr 1994.

Where are ewes located?

Ewe people are located primarily in the coastal regions of West Africa: in the region south and east of the Volta River to around the Mono River at the border of Togo and Benin; the southwestern part of Nigeria (close to the Atlantic Ocean, stretching from the Nigeria and Benin border to Epe).

Are ewes Yoruba?

Ewe unity is based on language and common traditions of origin: their original homeland is traced to Oyo, in western Nigeria, which was a major Yoruba kingdom. Most Ewe are farmers, corn (maize) and yams being their staple foods. Sea fishing is a full-time occupation in some coastal areas.

What's the meaning of Volta?.

voltanoun. A turning point or point of change in a poem, most commonly a sonnet.

Which year did Volta Region became part of Ghana?



The Volta region of Ghana is part of mandated territory that became UN Trust Territory in 1946. The trust Territory was a sovereign State that lies between Togo at the East and Gold Coast (now Ghana) at the West. It share boarder with Burkina Faso at the North and Gulf of Guinea Sea at the South.

Which district is likpe?

Likpe-Mate is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana.

Who is the richest person in Kumasi?

Ernesto Taricone
Ernesto Taricone - Net worth of $1.3 billion

Ernesto Taricone is the richest man in Ghana.

Which tribe is the richest in Ghana?

Historically, we can confidently say the Ashanti's are by far the richest sect of Ghanaians by birth. Born into riches, they are destined for wealth by inheritance. Many Ashanti's acquire their starting capital from their fathers and forefathers.

Who is the richest man in Africa 2021?

Aliko Dangote

As of September 2021, Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Africa. He has a net worth of 11.5 billion U.S. dollars and ranks 191 worldwide.
Billionaires in Africa as of 2021 (net worth in billion U.S. dollars)
Characteristic Net worth in billion U.S. dollars
Aliko Dangote (Nigeria) 11.5

What is the capital town of Volta Region?


Ho is the capital city of the Ho Municipal District and the Volta Region of Ghana.
Ho, Ghana.

Country Ghana
Region Volta Region
District Ho Municipal District
Elevation 150 m (490 ft)

How many languages are in the Volta Region?

The Oti–Volta languages form a subgroup of the Gur languages, comprising about 30 languages of northern Ghana, Benin, and Burkina Faso spoken by twelve million people. The most populous language is Mõõré, the national language of Burkina, spoken by five million people.
Oti–Volta languages.
Glottolog otiv1239

In which region of Ghana can we find the largest lagoon?


The Keta Lagoon located on the delta of the Volta River in the eastern coast of Ghana and covering a length of 126 km is the largest lagoon in Ghana. The area of the lagoon enjoys seasonal inflow of seawater during high tide from the Gulf of Guinea and regular inflow of rivers.

What is the capital city of Upper West?


Upper West Region
Capital Wa
Districts 11
• Regional Minister Hafiz Bin Salih

What is the capital town of Greater Accra?

The Greater Accra region is the most urbanized region in the country with 87.4% of its total population living in urban centres. The capital city of Greater Accra Region is Accra which is at the same time the capital city of Ghana.

In which country does the Volta enter the sea?

The Volta flows southward along Akwapim-Togoland highlands, and it empties into the Atlantic Ocean at the Gulf of Guinea at Ada Foah. It has a smaller tributary river, the Oti, which enters Ghana from Togo in the east.

Volta River

Length 1,500 km (930 mi)
Basin size 407,093 km2 (157,179 sq mi)

• location Mouth

What is the main benefit of the Volta River?

The creation of Lake Volta and the hydroelectric power scheme have brought economic and social benefits: the dam generates electricity which in turn supports aluminium manufacture and generates income, whilst the lake allows easier inland transport and is a potentially valuable resource for irrigation, fishing etc...

Where are the two dams on the Volta River?

The Akosombo Dam, also known as the Volta Dam, is a hydroelectric dam on the Volta River in southeastern Ghana in the Akosombo gorge and part of the Volta River Authority.
Akosombo Dam

Spillway capacity 34,000 m3/s (1,200,000 cu ft/s)
Creates Lake Volta
Total capacity 148 km3 (120,000,000 acre⋅ft)

Where is Leklebi in Ghana?

Volta Region

Leklebi is a town in the Volta Region of Ghana. The town is known for the Leklebi Secondary School. The school is a second cycle institution.

Where is Afadzato South located?

Volta Region

Afadzato South District (a.k.a. Afadzato Anyigbe) is one of the eighteen districts in Volta Region, Ghana.
Afadzato South District
Coordinates: 6°59′32.12″N 0°25′32.12″E
Country Ghana
Region Volta
Capital Ve Golokwati

Which region is carved from Volta Region?

Oti Region

Oti Region was carved out of the Volta region, reducing the size of the region and the number of administrative districts from 25 to 18.

What is the ethnic group of Greater Accra?

The major ethnic groups are the Akan (39.8%), Ga-Dangme (29.7%) and Ewe (18%). The Gas however form the largest single sub-ethnic grouping, accounting for 18.9 percent.

Who are the Krobos in Ghana?

ABSTRACT The Krobos are a people of Dangme stock who live in the eastern region of southeastern Ghana. They who occupy areas in the Accra Plains, the Akwapim Mountains, and the Afram Basin. The land of the Krobos is mainly lowland, but historically they occupied two major mountains - Krobo Mount Mountain.

How do you say hello in Ga?

In Ga, we greet Minaokoo in the Afternoon. English [Good Afternoon] - Ga [Minaokoo]. For more on Ga language greetings and responses, please check out this amazing YouTube video by Nii Adikwei on “SOME Ga Greetings and Responses (Ga Ŋamͻi Komɛi Kɛ Amɛ Nͻheremͻ).”

What are the 6 ethnic groups in Ghana?

There six major ethnic groups in Ghana – the Akan, Ewe, Ga-Adangbe, Mole-Dagbani, Guan, Gurma.

Is Ghana a poor country?

Less than a year ago, the IMF warned: “The fraction of the world's population living in extreme poverty—that is, on less than $1.90 a day—had fallen below 10% in recent years (from more than 35% in 1990).

Rank Country GDP-PPP ($)
60 Samoa 5,653
61 Ghana 5,693
62 Mauritania 5,834
63 Libya 5,893

Is Ghana poor?

Despite the booming economic growth, poverty in Ghana is still prevalent. Poverty has shifted from urban areas to now more rural areas of the country; in fact, rural poverty is almost four times higher than urban poverty. ... The northern region of the country makes up the largest number of citizens in poverty in Ghana.

What is the oldest ethnic group in Ghana?

The Guang are believed to have been the earliest inhabitants of Ghana; now, the tribe encompasses around 26 ethnic groups.

How many tribes are in Volta Region?

The people of Volta Region are part of the larger Ghanaian population with just about every ethnic/language group represented in the region. Eight major ethnic groups are represented in the region and about 62 sub-groups speak 56 dialects.


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EweGhana.Net Inspiring Our Culture: All you need to know about: Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District, Togo, Atlantic, City, Akan, Upper, East, West, River, Sea, Yoruba, Nigeria, Benin, etc.... EweGhana
All you need to know about: Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District, Togo, Atlantic, City, Akan, Upper, East, West, River, Sea, Yoruba, Nigeria, Benin, etc.... EweGhana
All you need to know about: Ewe, Hohoe, Region, Ethnic, Festivals, Tribes, Ghana, Group, Poor, Ga, Krobo, Greater Accra, Oti, Afadzato, South District
EweGhana.Net Inspiring Our Culture
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